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Digital Recording Advantages

High-end analog systems that record using a old fashioned analog 2 inch tape can offer a very slight advantage in the sound of a recording compared to equal quality digital systems.  This analog result is sometimes described as “warm” compared to “harsh” or “dry” sounding results that digital gear can produce.    While this analog tape sound is certainly possible, our experience is that the benefits of digital recording far outweigh those of its analog predecessor.  Digital recording offers a higher signal to noise ratio, lower total harmonic distortion, virtually no wow and flutter and no loss of signal when copying. 

While some times digital equipment can be harsh sounding, this is usually the result of low quality equipment or improper adjustment.  The editing capabilities of today’s digital systems offer speed and flexibility that analog systems cannot match.  In fact, some studios will offer a hybrid approach – recording tracks to analog tape then editing in a digital system. 

The clear advantage of digital systems comes from the ease of editing.  The speed at which edits can be made offer a significant savings in studio time.  Recent advances in technology have introduced new features such as quantizing (aligning transients to fractions of measures).   The latest introduction is variation in speed, pitch and time stretching of music.  

While hybrid recording is possible, we find the majority of clients don’t have the budget for this.  With the unfortunate trend in the music industry, the most tedious attention to audio detail will be lost when the end product is converted to an mp3 anyway.  At Real-2-Reel Productions, we employ state-of-the-art software offering our clients the latest recording technology, flexibility and affordability.