Gracenote Database

Gracenote is a company that provides information about the contents of CDs and vinyl records, such as the CD title, song title and lyrics.  The Gracenote MusicID® database, formerly known as CDDB (Compact Disc Data Base), contains information about the contents of CDs. It can be used by both businesses for their customers or freely by the end user via a handful of programs for playing CDs.  This service also works with digital files such as MP3s to identify them. 

Gracenote provides a program called MusicID that can identify a variety of different data. It can identify CDs or individual songs based on “audio waveform fingerprint” analysis regardless of source, format or false information present. It can also identify files based on information that is present. Once it is done analyzing, it can automatically rewrite the tag data for the user.

Several computer software applications that are capable of playing CDs, such as Winamp and iTunes, use Gracenote to identify the CD and automatically label the album, artist, song titles, and other  information the user may like to know.

An open source version called FreeDB exists for non-commercial use, however it is not compatible with MusicID. 

Ideally an artist would want to get their music into Gracenote’s database as close to release as possible. To submit music, a program such as Winamp or iTunes is needed. When the CD is not recognized, these programs will prompt you to fill in information about the CD yourself. At the end of the process, the information is submitted to Gracenote and takes several days to appear in their database.