Studio Equipment


Digital Recording

•Mac Pro System

•Spirit 328 Digital board

•MOTU 2408 mk 3 PC13 Core System

•MacBook Pro Laptop portable recording system


•Logic Pro 9.0 - Snow Leopard

•Vegas Pro 9.0 – Windows Vista

•Acid Pro – Windows Vista

Reference Monitors and Speakers

•Tannoy Studio System 800

•Mackie HR824

•JBL MR825


•Yamaha M08 Keyboard

•Yamaha Motif Keyboard

•Vintage Proteus MPS 9030

•Alesis D4 Sampled Drum Module

Software Synths

•Kontakt 3 - Software Sampler

•Guitar Rig 3 - Software

•Virtual Synthesizer

•Reaktor 5 - Virtual Synthesizer

•Absynth 4 - Software Synthesizer

•Battery 3 - Sample Playback Software

•Akoustik Piano - Virtual Acoustic Pianos

•Elektrik Piano - Vintage Classics Virtual Instrument

•B4 II Plug-In

•FM8 Virtual FM Synthesizer

•Pro-53 - Vintage Software Synthesizer


•Mesa Boogie Mark II (guitar)

•Rivera Fandango (guitar)

•Fender Super Six Reverb (guitar)

•Ampeg SVT head with SWR Triag cabinet (bass)


•Royer R121 Ribbin Mic

•Audiotechnica AT4050 mic

•Audio Technica 4041

•ADK SC-2 mic (3)

•ADK A-51 mic (2)

•ATM 25

•Shure SM-57

•PPA R-One Ribbon

•Electro Voice N/D257B

•PPA 1 (2)


•Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-5

•Soldano Tube Preamp

•Peavey Profex I Multi Effects Processor

•Peavey Profex II Multi Effects Processor

•Raven Labs Master Blender (SN 0027)

•Peavey Adverb Multi Effects Processor

•MXR Dyna Comp

•MXR vintage Phase

Digital Effects and Signal Processing

•Adaptive Limiter




•Direction Mixer

•Distortion and overdrive










•Modulation Delay

•Multichannel Gain


•Noise gates and denoiser


•Pitch Corrector

•Pitch Shifter



•Scanner Vibrato

•Spectral Gate

•Spectrum analyzer

•Stereo Spread


•Surround Compressor

•Test Oscillator

•Time stretching



•Vocal Transformer


Guitar and Bass Amp Modeling and Effects

•Guitar Amps

•Tweed Combos

•Classic American Combos

•British Stacks

•British Combos

•British Alternatives

•Metal Stacks

Bass Amps

•American Basic

•American Deep

•American Scoop

•American Bright

•New American Basic

•New American Bright

•Top Class DI Warm

•Top Class DI Deep

•Top Class DI Mid

Guitar Amp Pro Pedal Effects for Guitar Distortion Pedals

•Candy Fuzz

•Double Dragon

•Fuzz Machine


•Happy Face Fuzz


•Monster Fuzz


•Rawk! Distortion

•Vintage Drive

Modulation Pedals

•Heavenly Chorus

•Phase Tripper

•Phaze 2

•Retro Chorus

•Robo Flanger

•Roswell Ringer (ring modulator)

•Roto Phase

•Spin Box (Leslie speaker cabinet)

•Total Tremolo


•the Vibe (Scanner Vibrato from Hammond B3 organ)

Delay Pedals

•Blue Echo

•Spring Box

•Tru-Tape Delay

•Filter Pedals


•Classic Wah

•Modern Wah

Dynamics Pedals

•Squash Compressor

Utility Pedals



Other Gear

•Tascam 1024 - 24 ch mixer

•AKG K240 Headphones

•Furman PL-8C Power Conditioners

•QSC RMX2450 Power AMP

•ReadyNAS Network Attached Storage

•Sony MDRV600 Headphones (5)

•AKG 66 Headphones (2)

•K66 headphone (4)

•Berhringer Ultra-DI Quad Direct box

•Furman HDS6 Head phone system

•Vestax PMC03A 2 channel DJ Mixer

•Roland PK5 MIDI controller